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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hopmonk Tavern

A few nights ago I went to the Hopmonk Tavern with my family to kick off Summer!

The Hopmonk Tavern is located in Sebastopol across from Frizelle Enos Feed Store in an old building that was part of the old train depot. The building still feels like a train depot but you can eat in it. There is an awesome beer garden outside and a building called the Abbey where they have beer dinners and live music. My great grandpa, Grandpa Ira Vail was a conductor on the electric car that went from Petaluma to Sebastopol. The building is really amazing because it has so much history. The owner of Hopmonk is Dean Biersch, formerly of Gordon-Biersch. We don't get to see him that often, but we know him, and he's a nice guy. My dad gave him some abalone awhile back. Dean LOVES abalone! Abalone isn't my favorite thing in the world.

We sat in a booth and ordered our drinks. My mom and dad ordered beers,(Hopmonk has LOTS of beers) my sister had cranberry juice and I had pineapple juice. Then we ordered our dinner. I had the Hopmonk Burger which is what I always order because IT'S THE BEST BURGER I've ever had! It's made with fresh ground lean beef, topped with tomato chutney, lemon aioli and crispy shallots and white cheddar cheese. I always get my Hopmonk Burger prepared medium rare. Mmmmmmmmm. My sister, the basic eater, ordered a kid size burger from the kids menu that came with fries. The kids menu has a lot of stuff like fish and chips, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese and little hamburgers...mostly basic stuff. My dad ordered the grilled ham and cheese sandwich which he describes as one of the best things he has ever had at Hopmonk. He loves it mostly because of the parmesan cheese the put on the bread before they grill it. It's one of his favorites. My mom had a Summer berry salad. She has it all the time because she thinks it's "healthy".

The service was really good. The service was fast and the waitress was really nice. One of the people that has worked there for a long time named Kim talked with us for a while...she is really nice. She's in charge of group sales and special events.

The Hopmonk Tavern is kid friendly and has really great service. I highly recommend it especially the Hopmonk Burger.

My dad says Hopmonk is also VERY adult friendly. He and Mom have gone to a bunch of the "beer dinners" that the chef does. They do food pairings with different beers, from different brewerys. It's not a kid thing to do, but Mom and Dad say they've had some really amazing food and beer at these dinners. They love those dinners.

If you would like to see their website click here.

So this is how I rate it:

How it felt: ****
Service: *****
Food: *****
Price: $$

So if you are in Sebastopol..GO THERE!


  1. You want to try a good burger in Sebtown? Don't miss the "Dan-O" at Pasta Bella. I've had both the Hop Monk burger, and I agree it's good, and the Pasta Bella. I like the "Dan-O" at Pasta Bella a bit more, but you might have a different opinion.

  2. Hi Mr. Gurney -

    I will definitely give Pasta Bella a try. I love a really good burger and I am kind of picky about them. Good meat is number 1! Is this burger named after you?


  3. Hi, Logan. My wife and I just had the Hopmunk Burger. It was good, but I definitely give the nod to the Dan-O. I'd like to think it's named after me. The owner of Pasta Bella, Jen, knows me and my wife as well as the person who started the restaurant. However it was named after another person named Dan. I look forward to your review.