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Thursday, June 3, 2010

La Gare Restaurant

I'd like to share my review of La Gare Restaurant. La Gare is a French Swiss family owned restaurant in Railroad Square in Santa Rosa. I've eaten at La Gare (4) times with my family. The latest was in March of this year, 2010. This was the second time I've eaten escargot.

When I walked into the restaurant I noticed a yodeler's horn and different Swiss art. The person that greeted us was Jackie, one of the owners. Jackie took us to our table and told us about the specials. One of the specials was halibut baked in a white wine and butter sauce Mmmmmmmmmm. I had my eye on that. We started with appetizers. We ordered escargot. Oh my gosh...I love escargot! At first, I didn't want to try it. But on my third time to La Gare, my dad convinced me so I tried it and I loved it! With your meal you get a house made salad of butter lettuce and vegetables with La Gare's famous homemade dressing. You also get soup with your meal. The soup was cream of asparagus soup. Both the salad and the soup were delicious. I had the special, halibut. I loved the butter and white wine sauce. I savored it for a while and if you are a fish lover, I highly recommend it. It also came with mashed potatoes and carrots.

For the basic eater (like my sister), the Chef, Roger, will make whatever you want. He made my sister butter noodles and carrots. She ate every last bite! The Chef will also make macaroni, pretty much any pasta, pretty much anything the "basic eater" might want. For dessert I had a cherries jubilee which is cherries sauted in a liquor and reduced to a syrup. They make this at your table. The waiter lights it on fire and then he puts vanilla ice cream in a glass and puts the flaming cherries over the top. Don't worry, the cherries are not on fire once they hit the ice cream.

The service is really good because they get it to you quickly, but if you want to take your time, they'll let you take your time. Once, I got to go into the kitchen and meet the Chef/owner, Roger. It's a very nice kitchen. I got to hang out for a little while and watch while they prepared dinners. Jackie and her brother Roger love to come by and talk with us.

If you want to go to their website, click here.

So I rate La Gare Restaurant:

The way it felt: *****
The cost: $$$
The food: *****
The Service: *****
Kid friendly: *****

So this restaurant gets 5 stars because La Gare Restaurant is one of my very favorite restaurants. I highly recommend it for a special family outing.

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