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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Manners and What to Do With All of Those Forks and Stuff!

My parents thought it would be good to talk about manners and a few other things.

Me and my family eat together pretty much every night. Even if it is leftovers or a "basic" dinner, we eat together. We always talk about our day. We talk about these things: What our favorite part of the day was, what our worst part of the day was, what did we learn, who did we hang out with and what are you proud of. Even if friends are over, they have to do this too. When we go out, we do a smaller version, but we always talk about our day.

MANNERS are really important. It's kind of like giving your word to someone. To all the kids and pre-teens or tweens out there, if you want to go out to a restaurant, you have to have really good manners. My parents taught me manners but I am always still learning. Here is a list of GOOD MANNERS from my 4-H cooking folder to study:

ALWAYS wash your hands before every meal.

1. If you are wearing a hat, TAKE IT OFF!
2. Wait until everyone has been seated before you pick up your fork to eat.
3. Put your napkin in your lap so that spills will get on your napkin, not your
clothes. Use your napkin to wipe your hands and your mouth.
4. Don't chew with your mouth open - people can see the chewed up food and
that's gross.
5. Don't talk while you're chewing either.
6. No elbows on the table.
7. Cut big pieces of food into little pieces with your fork and knife. Don't pick
up a big piece of meat with your fork and just bite it off.
8. If you need something, ask for it. Don't reach. Say, "Please pass the..."
9. If you are having bread and butter, take your knife and get some butter from
the butter dish/bowl and put it on your bread plate or dinner plate. The
butter your roll or bread from your own plate.
10. When you have eaten all your food, put your knife and fork together across the
top of your plate. This signals that you are all done.
11. If you are at home, ask if you may be excused. If you are, clear your plate
to the kitchen.
12. ALWAYS compliment the chef!


If you go out to a nice restaurant, first you sit down and put your napkin in your lap. You will have 2 forks on the left side of the plate. You always start with the little one. The little one is for salad and the big one is for your entree. If you are wondering which bread plate is yours, it is always the one on the left. Your water glass is on the right. When you are using your knife, after you are done set it on the edge of whatever plate you are using.

ALWAYS thank your mom and dad when they take you out to dinner. It's a privilege to be able to hang with your parents at a restaurant.

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  1. I am SO GLAD you know that no one should eat with a hat on. This is one of my pet peeves. Please now educate more adults about this!