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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Restaurant P/30

I had dinner with my mom and sister at Restaurant P/30 last night. P/30 is located on Bodega Highway outside of Sebastopol headed towards the town of Bodega or Freestone. The restaurant looks like an old comfortable house on the side of the road. It feels like a home inside and is really nice.

This is a restaurant that is REALLY busy! even on a Wednesday night. I would have to say that the saying "good things come to those who wait and/or are patient" applies here. You will have to wait. So if you have kids who don't like to wait, I would recommend ordering something to drink and some Kennebec Sea Salt Fries and head out back while you wait. The back patio area is not really set up to eat at, but it is a good place to use your imagination while waiting.

Once we were seated, I took a good look around and checked out the art. The art is really nice. Our waiter, Jules handed us a menu. We ordered the Kennebec Sea Salt Fries with homemade dipping sauces and their really good macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese comes with bacon, carmelized onions topped with bread crumbs. I ordered it without the bacon. It's like real homemade fancy macaroni and cheese! For my entree I ordered the Baked Paella. There were clams, mussels, black cod and andouille sausage in saffron risotto. It was really good! It had nice soft rice with a buttery, smokey flavor from the sausage. My favorite part was the black cod which just melted in my mouth. I am not a fan of mussels so I gave them to my mom. My mom ordered the Grilled Flatbread Pizza topped with Truffled P/30 Arugula. Did you know that arugula is also called rocket? Anyway, she really liked it. My sister Rylee was not very hungry...she snacked on the fries and a little bit of my mom's flatbread. If my sister was hungry she probably would have had the Fried Gleason Ranch Chicken. This is what I would recommend for the "basic eater". The Fried Gleason Ranch Chicken comes with a waffle and strawberry jam. I would also recommend the macaroni and cheese. The tables are covered with paper and they give color crayons to kids who want to color on the paper table covering. Rylee had fun with that. The best part was dessert. I had the Saffron Ice Cream! OH my....it was just amazing. My first small little bite of it, the flavors of Indian ice cream exploded around my mouth. It was so creamy and delicious. This is probably one of the best and most interesting ice creams I have ever had.

At the end of our meal, I complimented the chef. His name is Patrick. He is an awesome chef. One of the reasons why there is a wait is because the food is made to order and is so fresh and good. They even grow their own vegetables in the P/30 garden. My sister was hoping to get some plain mayonnaise to dip her fries in, but they did not have any. They make everything...including all of their sauces and condiments.

So to sum it up....if you are in a hurry and have hungry kids you may not want to give it a try. BUT, if you are not in a hurry and you want to take your time to enjoy really amazing food and hang out, then give it a try! You won't regret it
AND they give you homemade suckers at the very end that are yummy.

How it felt: *****
Food: *****+
Service: ****
Cost: $$ 1/2
Kid Friendly: **


  1. We went there for Father's Day. We had the burgers. The name of the restaurant, by the way is P for Patrick and 30 because he was turning 30 when they were thinking of the name for the restaurant. P/30 Patrick's 30.

  2. Great review, Logan. I've had most of the items on the menu and have really enjoyed everything I've tried. I have to agree with Dan, the burgers are out of this world. My favorite, though, is the fried chicken and waffles.

  3. Thanks Logan...I've wondered about his restaurant (being as I work out that way) for a while. I can't wait to try it out now that you've reviewed it!

  4. Hi all!

    Thanks for reading my post. This place is AWESOME! I did not mention the very first time I went there with my family. I had the Duck Confit and let me tell you...it was SO GOOD! My only advice is to go with more people and make a reservation. BUT, if you have to wait, hang out in back and play. Talk to you later.