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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Romeo's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant - Petaluma

Romeo's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant is a family run business in Petaluma. It's across from the Golden Eagle Shopping Center in a river front building.

We like to go here because it is family owned, simple, casual and family friendly. When we go to Romeo's I usually order the ravioli's and I get a combination of beef and cheese. You get to choose the sauce for your pasta - marinara, meatball, alfredo or creamy pesto. I order the meatball sauce. It also comes in two sizes: small or large. I have only had the small size and it is HUGE! It's pretty good...BUT, the coolest thing is for the kids. They can create their own pizza! It's really inexpensive and fun for them. They bring a pizza pan, sauce, toppings of your choice, cheese and a ball of pizza dough to your table and you create it. It can be any shape, any size, whatever. It's probably one of the best kinds of things for the "basic eater" (like my sister Rylee). Rylee says, "It's really good! I get to make my very own pizza and I love Romeo's pizza!"

If you are in a hurry, you can get slices of pizza to go. They make lots of other pasta and salads. A great family friendly restaurant. Romeo's website is: www.romeosonline.com You can even make an order online.

Back to ravioli's for a minute, one of my all time favorite ravioli's is from Canevari's in Santa Rosa. They have been in business forever. My mom and dad had Canevari ravioli's at their wedding in 1987 and they were around way before they got married. Mr. Canevari and his family make the ravioli's fresh daily. They sell original, cheese, veggie and meat ravioli. They also sell sauce to go with it. My favorite is veggie with the original sauce. It's this little hole in the wall on Lewis Rd. in Santa Rosa off of Steele Ln. It kind of looks like a deli. When I get a craving for great ravioli's, I ask my parents really nicely if we can go to Canevari's and load up!.

To wind it up, here is my rating of Romeo's Pizza a& Pasta Restaurant in Petaluma:

How it felt: ***
Price: $
Food: ***
Service: ****
Kid Friendly: *****

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