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Monday, September 27, 2010

My Adventure With Chef Roger Praplan at the Handcar Regatta!

On Sunday, I got to help cut up a whole pig with Chef Roger Praplan (my all time favorite chef) of La Gare at the Handcar Regatta Food Circus. He asked me to be his assistant. He completely cut up a whole 60 pound pig into meat cuts and I showed the meat cuts around the audience. Even though it was butchering, I wasn't squeamish at all. They actually use a different word for cutting up the pig called "deconstructing". I hear this word alot on food shows, etc. From that experience, I got to learn - hands on - where all of the cuts are from a pig. The loin is the most expensive part of the pig and the feet have a lot of gelatin in them....the bones are great for stock which is what Chef Roger does with them. I think that it's important for everyone to know where and what meat cuts look like and are from. It is very helpful and this was an experience I will never forget!

Thanks Chef Roger Praplan!

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