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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Determined to master Panna Cotta!

Here's Logan with his YUMMY Panna Cotta in a Berry Compote!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

UPDATE: Restaurant P30 - Sebastopol

I just wanted to give an update on Restaurant P30 in Sebastopol. This restaurant is what our family calls our "go to restaurant". The reason we call it that is because the whole package - food, service, the atmosphere (how it feels), the cost and location is PERFECT. The menu changes with the season basically and there are always COMPLETELY amazing desserts.

Since I first blogged about P30 a few things have changed. One, they now take reservations for any size group and if it's possible, and two, the food is even better than the first time I went...which it was already really good.

If you have not checked them out, you really should. I have been there lots of times with my family and with friends who have kids my age and younger and are basic eaters. My friend Carson who is a basic eater, had their famous Gleason Ranch fried chicken and waffles and he absolutely loved it! My sister Rylee (also a basic eater) always orders their macaroni and cheese and now has graduated from ordering it without breadcrumbs, bacon and onions to everything but the onions!

A comment I hear more than often from family members when we eat somewhere other than P30 is......"We should've gone to P30".

To see their website, click here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

GREAT NEWS!!! - Humble Pie will be back as the Blue Label at The Belvedere

GREAT NEWS! I am so happy to announce that the formerly Humble Pie Restaurant will be back as The Blue Label at The Belvedere. The Belvedere is like an old mansion that has been around forever in Santa Rosa. My mom told me that when she turned 13 years old, her parents took her there and that is when she first had escargot.

I am really excited to give this a try. The folks of Humble Pie are awesome chefs and one of their kids go's to my school. The food is homegrown and really, really good. I hope that they are able to fit their famous cinnamon rolls on the menu somewhere.


The address is:

727 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa.

Here's Heather Irwin's blog on the restaurant from the BiteClub - Press Democrat:

The crew of Humble Pie are back! Frontman Josh Norwitt, along with his chef-fiancee Miriam Donaldson have been named as opening staff for a new Santa Rosa restaurant, Blue Label at the Belvedere. The restaurant will officially open December 29, 2010.
It’s a speedy return for the new parents (along with their brother-in-law Dan), who closed their own restaurant in late October. On the heels of the closure, Josh was hired to help re-open the restaurant in the historic Victorian in downtown Santa Rosa.
Miriam and Dan will head the kitchen, focusing on Sonoma County “Farm Food”. The Belvedere’s previous restaurant struggled in recent months and shuttered in November. The Belvedere is also the home of longtime bar, Gary’s at the Belvedere, which occupies the downstairs.
“Once again we find ourselves in a funky old building (the Belvedere) atatched to a funky bar (Gary’s at the Belvedere)! It isn’t the Humble Pie, but the dining room is a little bigger (there is even a FIREPLACE!!!) and the kitchen is a little badder (we have a box roaster/smoker that will hold a whole suckling pig!!!), so come on by and check us out,” says Norwitt.
Blue Label will be open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday from 5 to 10pm, beginning on the 29th. A Grand Opening is slated for New Year’s Eve and will include:
Slow Roasted Whole Suckling Pig, Apple in mouth and all….
Grilled Rosemary Quail
Many Delicious Sides and Tasty Bites Galore
Devine Chocolate Truffles for Dessert
A Glass of Sparkling for the Midnight Hurrah
$50 per person, (707) 542-8705 for Recommended Reservations. Full bar available.
Blue Label at the Belvedere, 727 Mendocino Ave., 542-8705.

Over Christmas/New Year's Break!!! - Utah

Over Christmas break, my family and I went to Utah...again....and went to Moochies! We also went to one of my most favorite grocery stores (besides Fircrest), Harmon's. We also were able to have fresh delivered milk and chocolate milk delivered to the door from Winder Farms. YUMMMYYYY.......

Moochies Meatballs and More is a sandwich shop, kind of a little "dive" that was visited by Guy Fieri. Whenever I go there, I always get the Philly cheese steak sandwich with no peppers or mushrooms. They make this homemade Jumpin' Jalapeno Sauce that I put all over my sandwich. The sandwich's come in 6" or 12". I usually order the 6".

Harmon's Grocery Store is locally owned by 2 brothers kind of like Fircrest in Sebastopol. My favorite store is in Draper, Utah. It is two stories high and it's like a giant food mecca. They have a cooking school on the second story and then they have a place where you can eat food.
Downstairs there is a huge fresh food area where you can order sandwich's, pizza, sushi, pretty much anything. They have a huge cheese selection and salami selection. I just LOVE this store. It's AWESOME.

We did alot of cooking at our friends house. Just for the heck of it, I tried making a Panna Cotta which did not turn out well. It was really salty for some reason. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Salt Lake? We did braised pork chops, with rice and broccoli. I dressed the salads which were my favorite used with butter lettuce. On another night - New Year's Eve., our friend "Uncle Bobby" made ham hocks and beans and they were SOOOOO GOOD! I give them 5 *****'s I put a little tobasco on mine. We also bought a loaf of fresh bread from Harmon's to go with it and my mom made honey butter to go on the Challah bread (aka: the fresh bread). She took two cubes of butter and smashed them and then drizzled a huge spoon of honey over the butter. You fold the butter and honey together and then make a butter log on parchment paper. You roll the butter log in the parchment paper and refrigerate until it is hard again. Then you slice butter rounds to go on your bread!

At midnight, we did our traditional blowing up of the gingerbread houses and that's all I have to say about that :-)

It was a great trip and I love UTAH!

I'm On A Sushi Roll! - Sushi Hana, Sebastopol

This past week I went to Sushi Hana in Sebastopol. It is locally owned and the sushi is fresh and it melts in your mouth.

My favorite roll there is the Baja Special which is grilled swordfish, avocado and a few other vegetables and then on top there is a little bit of ponzu sauce. My second favorite roll is the Jolly Roll which only comes around at Christmas time. This roll has yellow fin tuna, green onion, avocado and is topped with ponzu sauce. My third favorite is just the plain ol' tuna roll.

All of the people there are really nice. Everytime I go there I try to talk with the owner while he's making sushi.

Besides sushi, they have lots of other Japanese food like tempura, potstickers, noodle dishes and teriyaki. They also have Wednesday $1.00 sushi night!

For the picky eater, I recommend the chicken yakitori with a side of rice. Rylee also likes the Miso Soup without the tofu, seaweed and onion in it. Just clear broth.

So, if you are in the Sebastopol area and you want sushi, checkout Sushi Hana!

Their address is: 6930 Burnett Street, Sebastopol

How it felt: ****
Price: $$-$$$
Service: *****
Food: *****
Kid Friendly: ****