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Sunday, January 9, 2011

UPDATE: Restaurant P30 - Sebastopol

I just wanted to give an update on Restaurant P30 in Sebastopol. This restaurant is what our family calls our "go to restaurant". The reason we call it that is because the whole package - food, service, the atmosphere (how it feels), the cost and location is PERFECT. The menu changes with the season basically and there are always COMPLETELY amazing desserts.

Since I first blogged about P30 a few things have changed. One, they now take reservations for any size group and if it's possible, and two, the food is even better than the first time I went...which it was already really good.

If you have not checked them out, you really should. I have been there lots of times with my family and with friends who have kids my age and younger and are basic eaters. My friend Carson who is a basic eater, had their famous Gleason Ranch fried chicken and waffles and he absolutely loved it! My sister Rylee (also a basic eater) always orders their macaroni and cheese and now has graduated from ordering it without breadcrumbs, bacon and onions to everything but the onions!

A comment I hear more than often from family members when we eat somewhere other than P30 is......"We should've gone to P30".

To see their website, click here.

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