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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pasta Bella - Sebastopol, CA

About a month ago I went to Pasta Bella, an Italian restaurant in Sebastopol, CA. Their logo is: "All You Need is Love and Good Food". When my mom was a kid, it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint.

We walked in and sat down and it did not feel like a KFC at all. It was very decorated with pictures and some nice paintings. The waitress took our order. I ordered the Dan-o-Burger, a burger recommended by my kindergarten teacher, Mr. Gurney. One of the cool things is that all of the items on the menu are named after people or have names. We also ordered the Cheryl Lu's Bruscetta, an Italian appetizer made of: bread, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil with a little melted cheese. My sister ordered the pasta shells in cheddar sauce from the kids menu and my mom had a bowl of vegetable barley soup which was one of their specials. The menu offers a ton of salads, sandwich's, homemade pastas, polenta dishes, really great starters and burgers. The kids menu is probably the best one I've seen yet AND on Wednesdays, kids eat FREE! The kids menu has carrots with ranch, sauteed broccoli, different pastas, pizza and a kid friendly salad. All of the food is prepared to order, fresh and homemade. The burger is grass fed (my favorite) and the bottom line is, you get what you pay for here.

When our meals arrived we dug in and it was REAAALLLLY GOOD! My burger had a chipotle with roasted garlic, dijon aioli and grilled onions it also came with a nice little romaine salad topped with homemade ranch. My kindergarten teacher, Mr. Gurney, claims it is the best burger in town. It's pretty close in my book too. I tried my sister's pasta shells in cheddar sauce and it was really good too. My mom loved her soup which was in a huge bowl.

The service was a bit slow, but, it felt like a well run establishment. the bathrooms were also very clean. I liked this place! I would highly recommend it for family's and especially on Wednesdays.

Here is their website: www.eatpastabella.com

Be sure to check them out when you are in Sebastopol! They are at:
796 Gravenstein Ave., Sebastopol, CA

So this is how I rated Pasta Bella:

How it felt: ****
The Food: *****
The Service: ***
Prices: $$-$$$
Kid Friendly: *****+


  1. Hey, Logan, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the mention in your review.

  2. Hey Mr. Gurney -

    it was a pretty good restaurant and the burger was really good. See you at school.


  3. What is in it for us during Wednesday?I hope you can answer this because you had mentioned about this day. Sounds like you had a blast in Pasta Bella. One of the place I check in restaurants is their comfort room.Good to know their comfort room is very clean. They are running it well despite of the slow service it seems that its not a problem if your food is well served and you are satisfied with it. I will try that restaurant soon as finished my review about restaurants in Beccles Suffolk.