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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Food Adventures in Truckee, CA

At the end of summer, me and my family went to Truckee for a final summer vacation. We had never spent time in Truckee during the summer months, it's always been during the winter. During the summer it is really beautiful, nice and warm and a really cool place to hang out. We took our bikes and went on a really cool 20+ mile bike ride along the river. The native Truckee people are really nice and all seem to love dogs. Everywhere we went, people had their dogs with them....even in the restaurants.

One of the first restaurants we checked out was Jax at the Tracks in downtown Truckee. Jax at the Tracks looks like an old railroad car on the outside but on the inside it's like a 50's diner. It's located right on the railroad track that goes through town. The food is AWESOME! It's like homestyle comfort food and is just really good. We went there for breakfast and I ordered some of the best biscuits and gravy I've ever eaten....they were really good. I will have to say that the BEST biscuits and gravy are made by my Aunt Amy's friend Marty. Actually, he is my friend too, but I met him through my aunt. No one can replicate them and that's another story...back on track, Jax and the Tracks biscuits and gravy were really close. They have a really big menu with lots to choose from. They also have a great kids menu. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are in Truckee, most definitely go there if you love a cool atmosphere and really good homestyle comfort food. The service was excellent and our first waitress that served us was really, really pretty. If there were a Jax and the Tracks in Sonoma County, I would go there a lot. www.jaxtruckee.com

We also ate at this little pizza and taco shack at the end of our bike trail ride along the river in Tahoe City. It was really awesome. It was called Front Street Pizza Company, and if you hit the trail from Truckee to Tahoe City you'll run right into it. They make the best fish taco's and homemade sauces. Nothing better than a couple fish taco's after a ride on the trail. Frontstreetpizza.com

In downtown Truckee, kind of in a warehouse like building is this burger joint called Burger Me that has one of the best burgers I've ever eaten in my entire life. Their specialty is burgers in every way. They have Meyer all natural beef, turkey, homemade vegetarian and bison. One of the weirdest burgers that I'd ever heard of that they have there is called the Italian Stallion. It's basically a burger with a bunch of cold cuts on it which I thought was extremely weird, but I bet it's pretty good. I ordered a traditional burger with two add ons of pepper jack and caramelized onions and an order of fries. The buns are homemade and awesome. My burger was so juicy that it was dripping down my arm. The lettuce on the burgers is shredded which I love. They have a really great kids menu too. Burger Me just opened up a place in Reno too so if you miss it in Truckee you can try again in Reno. It is a self serve kind of place. You place your order and pay at a register and then they call you when your order is ready. A very busy place and well worth the wait! www.burgermetruckee.com

I kind of think that no matter where you go in the Truckee area that you won't be disappointed. It is such a cool place with so much to do and see. It is amazing in the summer and in the winter. I think it's probably a perfect place to live someday. There's biking, paddling, hiking, swimming, climbing, rafting, skiing, golfing, fishing, hanging out around cool people who love their dogs. What's better than that!?!