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Saturday, October 6, 2012

WOW! I Have Been So Busy.....Middle School Is WORK!!!!

So many people have asked me, "Logan, when are you going to blog?"    I've been SO BUSY with school,  summer travel, sports, hunting and life in general.  Even though I've been busy, that doesn't mean that I haven't been cooking.  Here's a quick overview since my last post.

In June, my family and I traveled to Hawaii, the Big Island, for 10 days.  While we there, we visited Tex's Drive-In for their epically amazing malasada's.  A malasada is basically a big doughnut ball deep fried then rolled in sugar then an option is having it stuffed with jelly or creme.  The difference is the dough there is like Hawaiian sweet dough and they make them to order so they are fresh and hot.  Next time you go to the Big Island, give them a try.  Another thing I got to do was cook with our friend Carey who lives in Hawaii and works with my dad.  Carey taught me how to make blackened ahi, the uses and amazingness of Hawaiian butter avocados, the best Hawaiian stir fry and the use of chili water.  Carey is kind of a layed back local who loves food and loves to cook like me.  Another night, I made seared fresh marlin crusted in sesame seeds and crushed Maui potato chips which was outstanding!  Carey and Dawnielle (his wife) took us to a restaurant called the Harbor House Grill.  It's right on the water near the harbor next to the airport.  They served just about everything from delicious burgers to traditional Hawaiian poke "seasoned" sashimi.  The adults ordered beers that were served in crazy, crazy glasses called schooner's.  I had the Hawaiian poke and a burger.  Which both were outstanding.   Probably the best restaurant I tried was "Da Poke Shack" in the beach town of Kona. My mom and I love sushi and raw fish so it was just she and I feasting there.  We got some shoyu poke, Hawaiian poke and the "today's special" poke.  I wasn't as fond of the Hawaiian poke so my mom ate it but I demolished the other poke dishes.  While we were at the resort, I enjoyed mainly the Hualalai Coffee Company and the Surf Shack.  At the Hualalai Coffee Company, I loved the passionfruit iced tea and a custom smoothie with guava, passionfruit, mango and a boost of caffeine. At the Surf Shack, they had frozen yogurt, smoothies and Hawaiian shaved ice.  I also enjoyed musubi which is SPAM sushi.  Overall, I LOVE HAWAII!! It's one of my favorite places on earth and I hope to go back again.

When the Sonoma County Fair was going on, I heard about these hotdogs called Sonora Dogs.  Which is a hotdog wrapped in bacon, grilled on a bun with salsa verde, grilled jalapeno, mustard and mayonnaise.  That was pretty awesome.  Something strange that I discovered at the fair was the mini melts ice cream.  The strange thing is that it won't melt unless it touches a liquid.   But it was extremely delicious.  I also enjoyed watching my good friend Max show his pig.  There is nothing better than local farm raised meat or wild game.

My annual bonfire party was also over the summer.  The only reason I'm blogging about this, is because a few of my friends requested it.   This is my once a year "junk food" splurge.  We feast on cheesy puffs, Doritos, Taco Bell and soda.  GUTT BOMB! We worked off a little of this splurge by hitting balls at the driving range.  My dad made a bet that if we hit a certain sign or element on the range, he'd buy us ice cream.  HE LOST, we won and we went to Coldstone which was a very memorable experience because of my good friend Kyle.  He is an absolute crack up even to my parents.  The only good thing about this splurge was the Taco Bell beefy 5-layer burrito which is a maybe once to three times a year thing.

I got to go to many restaurants over the summer and one that stands out in my head is Bruno's on 4th Street in Santa Rosa.   My dad and I went there for dinner.  It was pretty awesome.  I had some of the best fish and chips I've ever had and  discovered that sauteed mushrooms aren't as horrific as I think they are.  The service was really great and the food was outstanding.  I hope to go there again with my whole family.  

So that kind of sums up my summer.  Fast forwarding to today October 6, 2012, I decided to cook.  I wanted to make fish tacos but we were out of taco shells.  So, I improvised and made fish tacos without the shell.  I used rock fish that my dad caught in Alaska.   I seasoned it with Hawaiian rock salt which I've grown to love and Caribbean jerk seasoning.  I always use cast iron skillets.  I seared the fish in a little butter and olive oil and then poached it in my homemade extra spicy salsa using ingredients out of our garden.  I made a tequila lime aoli using Fage yogurt which was outstanding.  I ate this with some tortilla chips and then dove in with a fork.

I hope all of you enjoyed this post and I promise to blog a little more often.  In the meantime, here's to good food and adventure!  

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